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Part of the phenomenon of Scripture—along with its Revelation and Truth—is its Authority, an Authority that is anchored in and flows from the Truth and that confronts man with the Truth. Authority and Truth are inseparable; where there is Truth there is Authority and where there is Authority there is Truth. Within the Truth is the Authority that is unleashed when the Truth is proclaimed, thus causing the Truth to be effective and to accomplish its eternal purpose.

And because of the inseparable association of Scripture and Truth, other historic contenders for the locus of final authority must be rejected, namely the organizational Church (pope or denominational hierarchy), tradition (dogmas, creeds, or confessions), and experience. Authority is not organizational, historical, nor subjective, but is to be identified with that which faults the organizational, critiques the historical, and judges the subjective. Authority resides in the vertical dimension; that is, it is from above and operates according to Divine prerogative. Sola Scriptura must be emphasized. For only in Scripture resides the Authority sufficient to confront, to condemn, and to convert man. Authority is undivided and is only found in Truth.

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