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The Revelation, Truth, and Authority of Scripture are not ends in themselves; they serve a purpose, a goal towards which they are directed. And the telos is Life, Spiritual Life for the one who believes. It is the life which enables the recipient to know God, to love God, and to serve God. “We know that God did not reveal Himself in order that we should draw up a philosophical concept of God from His revelation, but in order that we should accept Him, the true, living God, as our God, and should acknowledge and confess Him” (Bavinck, Reasonable Faith, 134). Scripture exists so that man may not only know about God but may come to know God, come to know that He is the Lord, the One before whom man must bow.

Revelation focuses upon God for God is the source of the Revelation, a Self-Revelation whereby God reveals Truth about Himself. The Truth is not just limited to facts that stimulate and fascinate the intellect, but the revealed Truth brings with it and in it the Self-Revealing God. It is through this revealed Truth that God reveals Himself; in the Truth man is confronted with God, and this confrontation is with Authority which creates Life in the believer. To know God is to have Life.

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