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The believer’s confidence in the Truth is not without substance. If this is so, then what is there about the Truth that evokes trust, or, asked differently, why should the believer have confidence in the Truth? The answer is simple and foundational. And only a believer can identify with the answer.

Confidence is in the Truth simply because it is God’s Word: God’s Word is Truth. This fact has been authenticated by the Spirit to the believer, and the believer has been convinced by the Spirit that the Truth of Scripture is God’s Truth, revealed by Him and recorded in a reliable and trustworthy form that is normative for belief and practice. Knowing this because he has been taught by the Spirit, the believer cannot deny what he knows (see: Confidence in the Truth).

But beyond this foundational fact, what is true of the Truth? What distinguishes it? What is there about it that appeals and satisfies? What is there about it that stirs up the believer’s confidence and increases it? What qualities may be used by the Spirit to arouse the unbeliever’s attention and captivate his thinking, ultimately bringing the unbeliever into the fold of the believing? Several factors make an appeal: the Truth is consistent, unified, adequate, and reasonable.

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