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Berkouwer, G. C. Man, The Image of God, 1962.

Blocher, Henri. Evil and the Cross, 1994.

Boettner, Loraine. Immortality, 1956.

Boston, Thomas. Human Nature in Its Fourfold State, 1720; reprint, 1964.

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_______. Man in Revolt, 1939.

Cairns, D. The Image of God in Man, 1953.

Carey, George. I Believe in Man, 1977.

Clark, Gordon H. A Christian View of Men and Things, 1952.

_______. The Biblical Doctrine of Man, 1984.

Clark, Robert. T. and Bales, James D. Why Scientists Accept Evolution, 1966.

Cullmann, O. The Immortality of the Soul or the Resurrection of the Body: The Witness
       of the New Testament
, 1958.

Jacob, Edmond. Theology of the Old Testament, 1958; transl.

Ladd, George. A Theology of the New Testament, 1974.

_______. The Pattern of New Testament Truth, 1968.

Leupold, H. C. Exposition of Genesis, 1942.

Machen, J. Greshem. The Christian View of Man, 1937.

McDonald, H. D. The Christian View of Man, 1981.

Morey, Robert A. Death and the Afterlife, 1984.

Morris, Henry. Studies in the Bible and Science, 1966.

_______. The Biblical Basis for Modern Science, 1984. 
_______. The Genesis Record
, 1976.

_______. The Twilight of Evolution, 1963.

Niebuhr, R. The Nature and Destiny of Man, 1941.

Orr, J. God's Image in Man, 1906.

Pannenberg, Wolfhart. What is Man?, 1970.

Robinson, H. Wheeler. Inspiration and Revelation in the Old Testament, 1946.

_______. The Christian Doctrine of Man, 1911.

_______. The Religious Ideas of the Old Testament, 1956.

Schaeffer, Francis. Back to Freedom and Dignity, 1972.

_______. Genesis in Space and Time, 1972.

_______. True Spirituality, 1971.

Stacey, W. D. The Pauline View of Man, 1956.

Thielicke, Helmut. Death and Life, 1970.

Verduin, Leonard. Somewhat Less Than God: The Biblical View of Man, 1970.

Wolff, Hans Walter. Anthropology of the Old Testament, 1974.

Young, E. J. Studies in Genesis One, 1964.

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