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Berkouwer, G. C. Divine Election, 1960.
_______. The Providence of God, 1952.

Brunner, Emil. The Christian Doctrine of God, 1950.

Charnock, Stephen. Discourses upon the Existence and Attributes of God; reprint, 1979.

Dickie, E. P. God is Light: Studies in Revelation and Personal Conviction, 1954.

Dowey, Edward A. The Knowledge of God in Calvin's Theology, 1952.

Genuyt, F. M. The Mystery of God, 1963.

Jukes, Andrew. The Names of God; reprint, 1967.

Mascall, E. L. He Who Is, 1943.

Packer J. I. Knowing God, 1973.

Pink, Arthur W. The Attributes of God, 1962.
_______. The Sovereignty of God, 1930.

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