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This section, The History of the Church, discusses the Biblical history of the Church, that is, the information revealed in Scripture. This record covers the First Century, reaching from the birth of Jesus to the death of the last apostle, the apostle John.

In numerous books of the New Testament, information is gleaned, but the main source is the book of Acts, which covers the period from Christ’s Ascension until the approximate time of Paul’s death in Rome.

A perusal of the Church’s early history yields insight into its essence and purpose, especially before the invasion of alien elements, which began to invade even in the First Century but came in like a storm in subsequent centuries. While in terms of its relationship to Christ the Church is perfect, in its various historical expressions it exhibits too many of the sins and weakness of those who claim allegiance to it.

Consideration will be given to the following topics:

        Origin of the Church

        Anticipations in the Old Testament

        Creation of the Church

        Sustaining the Church

        Rapid Growth

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