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  Since the time of Christ the Church has observed certain acts; in relation to these practices fundamental questions arise:

Why does the Church observe these practices?

What word should be used to speak of these acts of the Church: sacrament, ordinance, or memorial?

How many observances are there? Protestants generally accept two, while Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox accept seven.

What is the purpose of these acts? Three are usually proffered: one, they are the cause of grace; two, they are the means of grace; and three, they are symbols or illustrations of grace.

Should these acts be understood as a Divine work or a human work, or a combination of both?

Each of these issues will be considered, and some of the rationale for each positon will be presented.

Consideration will be given to the following topics:

        Sacraments or Ordinances or Memorials
        Two Ordinances

        Principles Related to Baptism

        Principles Related to the Lord's Supper       

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