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Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the Pentateuch and thus the final book of Moses. While Mosaic authorship has been questioned in the modern era, there is no defensible reason for doing so, except to justify the subjective and speculative methods that have arisen in so-called critical thinking, thinking that is predicated on hypothetical musings. For the believer who is predisposed to accepting the normative nature of the Text, the question of Mosaic authorship is invalid, because it plainly contradicts the Text, and also it has traditionally been a settled issue by all branches of the Church (1:1, 5-6; 31:9, 22, 24-26).

Literally the title of the book means “Second Law,” reflecting the fact that the book is Moses giving the Law on the east of the Jordan to the new nation that had grown up subsequent to the disobedience at Kadesh Barnea. In his farewell addresses to the nation Moses recounts the history of the people and God’s guidance and protection of them; he also imparts the specific laws and regulations for the personal, social, and religious life of the nation that had been given by God at Sinai.

Following is an outline for Deuteronomy:

History of the Nation – Chs. 1-4

Giving of the Law – Chs. 5-30

Final Events in the Life of Moses – Chs. 31-34

Passages with Exegesis

        Deut. 4:40 - The Call to Obedience

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