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THE FUTURE     (Eschatology) 


Eschatology is the branch of systematic theology that deals with the end-time; it is concerned with events that will occur at the conclusion of this present age. This topic is usually the concluding issue of discussion in theological or doctrinal books.

In its construction, the word “eschatology” is a combination of two Greek words: eschatos, meaning “last” or “end,” and logos, meaning “word.” Thus, “eschatology” is literally “a word about the end.” Studying, interpreting, and organizing the Scriptural passages dealing with the prophecies of the end-time is the agenda of eschatology.

Among the major Christian groups, those groups being Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant, there are areas of fundamental agreement between their eschatologies. With only minor exceptions all three groups would agree that, one, Jesus will return; two, there will be a resurrection; three, there will be a judgment; and four, the saved and lost will be separated in eternity. These are the essential and vital elements in each group’s eschatology, and all three would affirm the Apostles’ Creed: “He shall come to judge the living and the dead.” Beyond these basic truths of agreement, however, there is much diversity.

Whatever the diversity of interpretation in the institutional Church, in the future the Truth will triumph. Neither the written Truth nor the living Truth will suffer defeat, but both will be vindicated by the unfolding events of the end time.

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