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The word “antichrist” in found only in the first two epistles of John. But information about this individual is presented in both Testaments, Daniel in the Old, and Matthew, II Thessalonians, and Revelation in the New. Of course, “antichrist” is composed of two words: “anti” and “Christ,” so the basic concept is “against,” “over against,” or “opposed to.” Therefore, the Antichrist is opposed to Christ, or sets himself against Christ. He is the opponent of Christ.

While many early believers anticipated an end-time Antichrist, other ancient writers identified the Antichrist with Roman emperors like Nero and Domitian, emperors who persecuted believers and claimed deity. Most authors during the Reformation identified him with the Papacy. In the modern era there has been a return to a futuristic identification, as well as to a symbolic identification of the Antichrist with the movement of evil in general, such as an identification of the concept with religious teaching that is contrary to Christianity, or with some pernicious political entity such as Communism or Nazism.

Consideration will be given to the following topics:

        Antichrist Predicted

        Character of the Antichrist

        Demise of the Antichrist

        Titles and Designations

        The Restraint or Restrainer

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