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The end of the age, the end of the world, the end-time, the lst times, the last days, the end of days, and the latter days are all means of referring to the end of time, the time when the world as we know it will come to a conclusion; and a new world will begin. For as long as man has inhabited the earth, he has thought about the ending of all things. Multiple scenarios have prevailed, both in secular and religious beliefs and writings.

For the believer only the Scriptures are definitive and authoritative. A prior commitment to the Text  revealed by God to those He chose enables one to approach the writings with confidence that in them will be found normative information regarding the end of the age.

Consideration will be give to the following topics:

        The Last Days

        Birth Pains - Beginning of Sorrows

        The Great Tribulation

        The Apostasy

        The Antichrist

        Salvation of Israel

        The Blessed Hope

        The Rapture Question

        The Day of the Lord

        Battle of Armageddon

        Purpose of the Second Coming

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