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The world is rushing toward inevitable judgment and in the desperate sprint is screaming for justice. But justice seems to be elusive. There is no consistency in the pursuit of justice nor is there uniformity in the application of justice. Frequently justice appears to be merely a tool used for pragmatic purposes.

True justice demands true judgment, and if that state is to be realized then there must be an absolute standard and a righteous Judge to apply the standard. For there to be justice in the earth, the judgment must be supernatural not natural. It will not be realized through the activities of sinful men but will appear when the Transcendent confronts the mortal.

From an exegetical perspective, various questions press upon the reader: will there be a final judgment; will it be a literal judgment as depicted in the Scriptures; will there be one judgment or several judgments; is the same judgment for believers and unbelievers, or will there be one judgment for believers and another for unbelievers; is final judgment to be understood as an ordeal or a manifestation; and what about punishment?

Consideration will be give to the following topics:

        Brevity of Life

        Thoughts on Death

        Nature of Death

        The Second Resurrection

        Affirming the Resurrection

        Resurrection of the Body

        Reality of Judgment

        One Judgment

        The Judge

        Universal Judgment

        Basis for Judgment

        Aspects of Punishment

        Purpose of Judgment

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