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Occurring after the Great Tribulation and before the Great White Throne Judgment, the glorious age of the Millennium will be brought about by the intervention of Christ into the historical process, with an intervention that is decisive and cataclysmic. He will rule on this earth, thus demonstrating His triumph within history.

The Millennium not only relates to the individual but also to society as a whole. The hope and desire of man throughout history for a period of peace, righteousness, and prosperity will be realized at the end-time. The nations will know war no more, and the leopard shall lie down with the goat.

Difficulties abound with the various interpretations of the Millennium. The answers are neither obvious nor without questions of their own. Details regarding this future period are found in both Testaments, with the information communicated in part through signs and figures, and this fact contributes to the mystery of the Millennium and to the inability of the interpreter to speak with specificity when commenting on the events. A justified concern is the tendency of some interpreters to reduce the prophetic statements to a literal description of the events or a precise chronology of the events. For other interpreters the inclination is to attribute excessive symbolism to the text, so much so that the text is emptied of any correlation to future events. The heart of the problem is the Kingdom and its relationship to human history.

Consideration will be give to the following topics:

        The Millennial Concept

        Three Millennial Views

        Testimony of the Fathers

        Old Testament Anticipation

        Binding of Satan

        The First Resurrection

        First means First

        Rule of Christ

        Characteristics of the Millennium

        Final Rebellion

        Perplexing Questions

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