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Providence is the exercise by God of His Sovereignty, an exercise guided by the eternal plan of God to the end that all of Creation fulfills its intended purpose and reaches its determined end.

Providence defines the relationship of the Creator to His Creation, a relationship characterized by preservation and administration. In this relationship God maintains and directs the created order according to His eternal plan, guiding it to His End. Therefore, the ultimate meaning for Creation is not found in the natural but in the Supernatural, not in the material but in the Metaphysical. Consequently, the purpose, meaning, and destiny of the cosmos are outside of the cosmos; they reside in Him.

Providence is not well understood and is even less accepted. Since Providence is the exercise of God's Sovereignty, an understanding of Sovereignty is essential. Exactly what is meant by this word, and how pervasive is Sovereignty in the order of things? It is vital to know the meaning and implications of this word, for in this word is the most important concept for understanding Scripture.

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