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To list all of the verses in the Scriptures related to Sovereignty would be tantamount to reproducing the entire Canon. Of course, this may be an overstatement, but it does bring into perspective the fact that support for God’s Sovereignty fills the Scriptures. It is literally everywhere: beginning in the Pentateuch, support is also in the historical passages, the messages of the prophets, the poetic literature, the Gospels and Acts, and the Epistles. Affirmations of God’s guidance and control of all Creation are not difficult to find.

Because of the enormous testimony to God’s Sovereignty, only a sampling from the Old and New Testaments will be given; but in the six pages listed below and in First Samuel over 1,000 references are set forth. Even with this selective representation, the support is overwhelming.

Scriptural support for Sovereignty


    Historical Books

    Books of Wisdom


    Gospels and Acts


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