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The seventh day, Saturday on the modern calendar, has a history that reaches back to Creation and the time of Adam. In fact, the seventh day, also known as the Sabbath, relates the two, for the Sabbath was made for man (Adam and his descendants) at the time of Creation. Thus, this day is as old as Creation and was endowed with a unique purpose at the time of Creation.

What is the meaning of the Sabbath for the believer? How is it to be observed? Is it to be observed? Or is the day, like so much of the Old Testament, an anticipation of what is accomplished and applied in the New Testament? Is the Sabbath still binding, drawing authority, an authority that is unchanging, from both Creation and the Decalogue? Or has the day been replaced by another day, namely Sunday, in light of the Atonement that Christ wrought and the subsequent Resurrection He experienced? If so, do the stipulations that applied to the Sabbath apply to the first day of the week? What is the believer to think? What is to be the practice of the Christian? Is the Sabbath sacred?

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