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“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1). With these ten encompassing and profound words (seven words in the Hebrew text) the event of Creation is declared, and man is brought face to face in the Scriptures with God and His creative omnipotence. By Revelation—and Creation can only be known and discussed on the basis of the Divine Revelation—God informs man concerning the origin of time, space, and matter, and reveals the particulars of the created order.

God’s work of Creation is foundational to a proper understanding of reality, in fact, if Creation is denied then reality cannot be properly comprehended because one's worldview will be flawed, not only flawed but totally spurious. Therefore, the decision made regarding this Biblical teaching impacts an individual's worldview and the components of that worldview. By knowing a person’s position on this fundamental concept, the individual's perspective on numerous subjects can be anticipated.

Creation establishes the significance of man and gives meaning to existence; without Creation there is nothing but anarchy and nihilism. With Creation and the God of Creation there is hope; without these there is uncertainty and the resulting despair (see: The Aloneness of Atheism).

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