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LIFE    -    Quotes - Life; Books - Life
    Life in Christ
        The Passion of the Believer
        Summoned to Study
        The Necessity of Faith
        The Focus of Faith
        Quotes - Life in Christ
    Life in the Church

    Life in the Family
        Marriage: Ordained by God
        Marriage: Its Purpose
        Characteristics of Marriage 
        The Wife's Priority
        The Husband's Priority 
        Children: Blessing or Problem? 
        Discipline of Children 
        What About Divorce? 
        Believers Marry Believers
        Quotes - Life in the Family  
    Life in the World
        Drinkers of Wine    -    Quotes - Wine
            Expanded Outline
            An Introduction
            Early Use of Wine in the Bible
                Melchizedek and Abraham
                Isaac and Jacob
            Wine and the Nation of Israel
                A Blessing from God
                A Land of Wine
                God's Use of Wine
                Sacrifices and Feasts
                The Tithe
                The Poor and the Strangers
                Preaching of the Prophets
                The Nazirites
            Jesus and Wine
                John the Baptist
                The Wedding in Cana
                A Winebibber
                The True Vine
                Final Passover Observance
                The Cross
            Paul, Wine, and the Early Church
                The Lord's Supper
                Elders and Deacons
                Older Women
                Medicinal Guidelines
            The Symbolism of Wine
                The Nation of Israel
                Beauty, Love, and Marriage
                Christ and His Blood
                God's Salvation
                The Judgment of God 
            The Abuse of Wine
                Warnings in the Old Testament
                Warnings in the New Testament
                Warnings for Religious Leaders
                Warnings for Political Leaders
                Warnings Concerning Eternity 
             Christian Freedom and Responsibility
                Free in Christ
                The Weak Brother
                Response to the Weak Brother
                Question of Freedom
                A Modern Example
                Three Believers
                Summary of Truths
                Abstinence or Moderation
            Select Scriptures

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