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The Introduction to this website deals with four basic topics, three of which are necessary (Purpose, Foundations, and Statement of Faith); the fourth is questionable (Personal).

Purpose presents six concepts that guide this undertaking and serve as the essential elements in the development and presentation of this site.

Foundations refer to those principles that are  foundational to this site and, really, are fundamental to all proper inquiry. Without them, any investigation is doomed to be in vain, but with them all searches can be fruitful.

The Statement of Faith is a specific statement of indispensable beliefs; it is neither exhaustive in topics covered nor so general that the reader is left in doubt as to the perspective that determines the reflections and writings at this site.

Personal is the questionable entry under Introduction that could be omitted. There are readers who desire, however, to know something of the individual writing the articles. So, to satisfy the inquisitive nature of some individuals, a few details are given.

In addition to the above basic topics, there is a fifth section, Miscellaneous, which deals with additional details related to the site.

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