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Embraced by Truth is a website in progress; new pages are periodically added and existing pages are adjusted from time to time. If the reader is attracted by the content and the manner of approach, then please continue to check back for new material. 

QUOTES : The reader will note that there is a listing of quotes with the various divisions of the site. It should be understood, even without saying, that I do not necessarily agree with all the quotes; but these are quotes that for the most part substantiate my positions or are quotes that are deserving of being read because of the way they provoke the reader to think. Most of the quotes are the compilation of my personal reading.

BIBLIOGRAPHY  There is a listing of some of the books that have been influential in my life and that have assisted in developing the viewpoints that are presented at this website. All of the books that are listed I have either read or used at some point, and the majority of them are in my personal library. This is not a complete listings but a general listing to reflect the authors and books that have contributed to my thinking and attempt at composition. At various times the list will be enlarged. The Bibliography takes two forms: a listing of all the books, see: Bibliography; and listings according to specific topics, for instance, see: Books-Theology

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