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I was born in Texas, but raised in Georgia. After graduating from Dublin High School, Dublin, GA in 1964, I earned a B.A. degree from Mercer University in 1968, a Th.M. degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 1971, and a Th.D. degree from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in 1985.

Several times as a youth I prayed a prayer to receive Christ. I kept doing this because I never could be sure that the last time was good enough, that is, that I was sincere enough about my decision. Finally, during my studies at New Orleans Seminary I read John Murray's book, Redemption—Accomplished and Applied. I realized at that point that I was looking at what I was doing in the present rather than at what Christ had done in the past. When my viewpoint changed, assurance of my standing before the Father and acceptance by Him came into my life.

In the fifth grade I gave my future wife a Christmas present. We were married in 1966 and have grown more deeply devoted to each other through the years. One of God's greatest blessings to my life has been Joan, a faithful and steadfast companion.

Most of my ministry has been in the Southeastern United States. For nearly fifteen years I was bi-vocational. During this time I was Teaching Elder at Grace Fellowship, a non-traditional, non-denominational fellowship. This experience enriched me personally and was used by the Lord to broaden and enhance my understanding of ministry and the Christian life, as well as my position on theological issues.

Being raised in the South I grew up identifying with the traditional southern religious perspective which was legalistic in lifestyle and, perhaps unconsciously, controlling in its attempt to mold belief so that it reflected the prevailing denominational mentality. It was years before I begin to break free of this point of view, and actually it is still an ongoing process. The Truth does not enslave but it sets free. To live in freedom before the Lord is to experience grace in all of its fullness. I am learning to do this.


In May of 2009 I resigned the position of Teaching Elder at Grace Fellowship and moved to the Northwest. One of the reasons for the move was to be able to devote more time to this website. I consider it my responsibility to develop the website as much as possible in the remaining years that the Lord has ordained for me.

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