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The purpose of this website is multifaceted.

First, its purpose is to ascribe glory to God: "Not unto us, Yahweh, not unto us, but to Your name give glory" (Ps. 115:1; see Rev. 5:12).

Perhaps, nothing more should be stated relative to purpose. But all things are from Him, dependent upon Him, and finally answerable to Him; therefore, all comprehension is from Him and absolute veneration is due Him. Scripture records that "in Him we live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28). Man is not autonomous; his fragile existence is testimony to his contingency. The purpose of life is to know God and to bow before Him, so everything that is done should be done for His glory.

Second, the purpose involves the affirmation of Truth and the desire to communicate the Truth accurately, simply, lovingly, and courageously.

Truth is indivisibly related to God and His Revelation. And both have fallen to new lows in the modern mind. Ours is not a theistic age but one set on humanism. The focus of culture is not what God says, but what man thinks and wants; thus, Truth needs to be affirmed.

Third, there is the mandate of missions.

The believer is commanded to "Go" and "Tell." The Word given by God must be given to the world, for it is through the hearing of the Word that faith is engendered in the life of the lost person by the Spirit. Therefore, this website is for the purpose of being used by the Lord to bring men to faith in Christ.

Fourth, the life of the believer, the one who has been Embraced by Truth, will be discussed.

Being a follower of Truth is an experience of hope and frustration, eternal and unyielding hope in the Lord but frustration at the abiding sinfulness of everyday existence. The believer is continually growing in his understanding of his own bitter weakness and the total sufficiency of the One he is living for. Both aspects of this dilemma, along with accompanying implications and complications, will be considered.

Fifth, there is a provocative purpose.

It is my hope that the website will be stimulating in the sense that it will promote discussion and reflection that will culminate with many coming, God willing, to understand, accept, appreciate, and practice the Truth of God.

Sixth, it affords me the opportunity to communicate my personal convictions and understanding of the Word of God.

At times ancient and current viewpoints will be mentioned and interaction with them will take place, but, for the most part, this website is a very public attempt to communicate my personal positions.

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