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As with all the major divisions of Theology so it is with Christology, introductory issues press upon the believer for consideration and require a decision. And the choices made initially by the student will determine the manner of the investigation and the conclusions that are formulated.

Some problems arise from within the Text, while others are brought to the Text by a perspective that questions the traditional and essential nature of the Text. Are the Scriptures normative? That is the unavoidable question. And the answer to that question determines the methodology one utilizes and the theology that is constructed.

Consideration will be given to the following topics:

           The Source Material

           Unity of the Text

           Relationship of Theology and History

           The Historical Christ

           Jesus of History or Christ of Faith

           Relationship of Old and New Testaments

           Purpose of Scripture

           Basic Methodology

           The Dilemma

           Thoughts on the Person and Work of Christ

           Overview of Christology

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