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Division of the study of Christ into His Person and His Work is neither novel nor improper. It is a most fitting manner of investigating the One we know as Jesus. Though simple, this method has often been utilized, and there are compelling reasons for doing so.

In one sense to study His person and His work is to study Him, in fact, the person and the work constitute who He is. He is His person and He is His work. The person and the work are one and the same; they are so closely interconnected that they cannot be separated. To minimize His person is to destroy His work, and to question His work is to invalidate His person. Where there is one there is the other. Where there is His person there is His work, and to find His work is be overshadowed by His person.

From a different perspective, it must be understood that His person is necessary for His work. The one is dependent on the Other. Because of who He is He could do what He did; His work is successful because of who He is.

To closely associate His person and His work is to unify the Christ. Even the very word “Christ” associates the two: He is the Anointed One (Person), anointed in order to accomplish His task (Work).

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