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JESUS     (Christology)


Who was Jesus? Who is Jesus? What is the significance of Jesus? These are questions that have not lessened in their intensity with the passing of time but have endured for over two millennia.

Answers are varied, with secular or humanistic man suggesting multiple ideas, all of which have one thing in common: Jesus was only a man, or, at the most, some sort of superior man. In contrast to this worldly perspective, Christian believers affirm the humanity and the Deity of Jesus, declaring Him to be the God-Man. Between these two interpretations there can be neither synthesis nor reconciliation; they are in irreconcilable and eternal opposition.

Numerous writers stress that Christology is the pivotal doctrine, even stating that all theology is about Christ: “The whole nature of Christian certainty is dominated and determined by its Christology” (P. T. Forsyth, The Principle of Authority, 188). It cannot be denied that the Old Testaments anticipates Christ and the New Testament proclaims His accomplishments; thus Christology unifies the two divsions of Scripture.

Without in any manner detracting from the significance of the Christological question and doctrine, this site insists that the more comprehensive perspective is Theology Proper, which seeks to define, describe, or present God. The crucial issue is the type of God that the Biblical God is, the One who affirms that He is revealing Himself; if the formulation regarding God is correct, then usually a proper Christology ensues.

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