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The life and teaching of Jesus manifest His person and work: He is the Messiah who is on a soteriological mission that will culminate in an eschatological triumph; that is, He came to seek and to save the lost in order that the Kingdom of God might be established on earth and fully realized in eternity. He is Immanuel, “God with us,” the God who came to do what man cannot do, and to reveal to man what man cannot discover.

What Jesus did and what He taught are sufficient to justify the claims of the Church regarding His person, meaning that He is the eternal Son of God who took to Himself flesh in order to accomplish God’s plan of redemption and to instruct men regarding the same. Jesus is what He did and He is what He taught, the concepts cannot be separated; where there is one there is the other.

Consideration will be given to the following topics:

        Titles and Designations


        Preaching and Teaching

        Call to Repentance

        The Kingdom

        Salvation Through Suffering

        Assertions and Claims

        The Miracles of Christ

        I Will Build My Church

        Rejection of Christ

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