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Perhaps a modern example will illustrate the Biblical teaching. An individual becomes a believer out of a background of the occult where he used herbs in his practices and worship. As a new convert he hears of Christians using the same herbs, albeit medicinally, and cannot comprehend how a believer could use the herbs that he had used in such a demonic manner. What is the strong believer to do?

He certainly should not use the herbs in the presence of the new believer or attempt to press the new convert to use them. Rather he should show love, acceptance, and caution in his conduct. To do otherwise is to cause the new/weak believer to go against his immature conscience and to do something that he feels is wrong.

But the believer should also explain to the weak brother that the herbs were made by God and are acceptable to be used is they are used properly. Christian liberty means that all of God’s creation is available for man to use, with the responsibility on the part of man to use creation properly and not to abuse it. Herbs are related to God, not demons.

The new believer must listen and learn, and he must be willing to evaluate his thinking and adjust his conduct. To refuse knowledge will lead the weak into legalistic thinking and the resulting judgmental spirit that follows. If that occurs, the stronger believer should feel free to use herbs as he sees fit, even in the presence of the believer who is struggling while rejecting knowledge.

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