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Drinkers of Wine is a study of wine in the Bible, a study that hopefully has been careful and comprehensive (see: Drinkers of Wine). The focus has been what the Scriptures teach concerning wine in general and wine drinking in particular. The Scriptures are not used to defend a position; rather the Scriptures are allowed to establish the position. Both the Old and New Testaments have been investigated in order to present the viticulture of the nation of Israel and the practices of Jesus and the early Church.

Topics of the study include: The Early Use of Wine in the Bible; Wine and the Nation of Israel; Jesus and Wine; Paul, Wine, and the Early Church; The Symbolism of Wine; The Abuse of Wine; and Christian Freedom and Responsibility.

It is obvious that the vine and its wine occupy a prominent place in the Scriptures. Both are found in the Old and New Testaments. The people cultivated the vine, enjoyed the wine, and constantly made reference to both in teaching and illustrating the Truth God revealed to them. Even Jesus included various aspects of the vineyard in the instructions He gave to the people. Without knowledge of the viticulture of the land, many Scriptures will not be properly understood nor correctly interpreted.

This study has exposed the reader to a topic that is not often considered, except in a negative manner. Most of what is heard are scathing prohibitions against the use of wine. The reader is asked to respond in an intellectually honest way, not in an emotional manner. Seriously consider Scripture.

Drinkers of Wine is an irenic treatment of a volatile and disturbing issue, an issue that causes division among believers as well as non-believers. The choice is not just between a rigid legalism and an unbridled license.

Toward evening, about suppertime,
when the serious studies of the day are over,
is the time to take wine.
Clement of Alexandria

Consideration will be given to the following topics:

        Summary of Truths

        Abstinence or Moderation

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