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For the teetotaler, the association of Jesus and wine is an unthinkable concept that is difficult to accept. But His ministry began with His blessing the wedding at Cana with the best wine, a miracle He performed after His mother’s prompting. He not only made wine, He drank wine and was even accused of being a winebibber by His detractors, a charge which, of course, was false. He enjoyed the wine but never abused the wine. His teachings were laced with the viticulture that was so much a part of the life of His hearers. On the cross, He first refused wine and then accepted wine. It cannot be denied that wine was a part of the life of our lovely Lord.

Consideration will be given to the following topics:

        John the Baptist

        The Wedding in Cana


        A Winebibber


        The True Vine

        Final Passover Observance

        The Cross

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