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OLDER WOMEN (Tit. 2:3)

The word to deacons is also applied to older women. They are not to be “given to much wine (oinos)” (Tit. 2:3). They are not to drink to excess and be a spectacle, but to display control, setting a good example for the younger women who look to them for guidance. The older women are not to be slaves to wine, but are permitted to drink wine. Paul does not prohibit the drinking of wine by them, but does instruct them to be moderate in their drinking. In fact, strong drink (shekar) is to be given to the person who is dying (Prov. 31:6), at times, perhaps this would be older woman.

Give strong drink to him who is perishing,
and wine to those who are bitter of heart.
Prov. 31:6

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