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The Dominion Mandate speaks of the command to rule the earth given by God to man at the time of his creation. Involved in this responsibility is the obligation to protect the earth and the right to use it, but not a license to abuse it.

The image of God, which is the essence of man, is that which equips man for this overwhelming responsibility. But with the introduction of sin into man's life, the ability to fulfill the Mandate became greatly impacted, for sin brought a debilitating effect to man.

The Dominion of man over the earth serves as a reflection of God’s Dominion over the cosmos, and also serves as a harbinger of the coming rule of Christ which will be eternal and universal.

Consideration will be give to the following topics:

     Source of the Mandate - God

     Form of the Mandate – command

     Purpose of the Mandate – rule

     Extent of the Mandate – whole earth

     Ability to Fulfill the Mandate – image

     Difficulty of the Mandate – sin

     Benefits of the Mandate – advancement

     The Coming Dominion - Christ

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