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The nature of man refers to the makeup of man. The question is whether man is compositional, composed of various parts, or whether man is single, simply a unity. More specifically the question is whether man is dichotomous or trichotomous, or whether neither is correct and the essential nature of man is one.

It is debatable whether it is best to view man as body and soul, or body, soul, and spirit; or simply to view man in the totality of his being. In other words, is man the result of joining various parts, such as body, soul, heart, mind, etc., together, or is man simply one but can be discussed from various perspectives?

It seems that man is man. And as man, man should be viewed.

Several topics will be considered:


    Crucial Question

    Nature of the Soul

    Origin of the Soul

    Soul and Spirit

    Miracle of Matter

    An Intricate Unity

    Soul Sleep

    Problem Passages

    Racial Solidarity

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