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The initial accomplishments of the creative process culminated in the appearance of man. “Then,” a word repeated several times in Chapter One (Gen. 1:3, 6, 14, 20, 24), indicates that each deed of creation prepared for the next activity, and that each new addition to creation built on the previous completions. In a sense, God’s preliminary work led to His primary work. From the beginning teleology is recognized.

Finally, the creation of man is signaled by the “Then” of verse 26. Surely man is the pinnacle of creation, for the first five days of God's creative activity are declared to be “good” but after the creation of man the words “very good” are used.

If the first five and a half days were preparation for man, then surely man must have a specific, even a superior, purpose, and a purpose that in its comprehensiveness reflects the wisdom of God.

And surely that higher purpose or purposes must be understood and expressed in terms of God Himself, who is the Creator of man. Only from Biblical Theism can man’s purpose be comprehended and realized. It is God who defines and explains man; any other approach, therefore, is invalid.

Consideration will be given to the following topics:

    Display the Image

    Know God

    Fellowship with God

    Love God

    Glorify God

    Fulfill the Will of God

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