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By evolutionist is meant one who embraces the theory that man is evolved from lower life forms, and who also accepts the accompanying ideas associated with evolution, such as the uniformity of natural causes in a closed system and the survival of the fittest. Additionally, any religious view that an individual may have are of no consideration, or at least of secondary importance, and are decidedly subjective.

By Theist is meant one who is a Christian and accepts the God of the Bible and His Revelation of Himself, His will, and His works; the God of the Theist is Trinitarian and Sovereign (see: God). Therefore, in all his investigations, deliberations, and conclusions  Revelation is superior to reason (see: Revelation).

These are opposing perspectives that cannot be reconciled, because at every point they take conflicting positions. The evolutionist thinks in terms of man, while the Theist thinks in terms of God.

        Evolutionist – the beginning of everything is a matter of science not religion
        Theist – the beginning of everything is a matter of Revelation not science

        Evolutionist – in a consistent evolutionist position, God is not needed
        Theist – in a consistent Theism, evolution is not accepted

        Evolutionist – Theistic evolution is a hybrid position that is inconsistent
        Theist – Theistic evolution is a hybrid position that is inconsistent

        Evolutionist – emphasis on the reason of man; faith in reason with no Revelation
        Theist – emphasis on the Revelation of God; faith in Revelation using reason

        Evolutionist – Bible is a myth; science can discover the facts and give truth
        Theist – evolution is a theory; Bible is God’s Revelation of the Truth

        Evolutionist – matter is eternal; or something came from nothing
        Theist – matter had a beginning; something came from Someone

        Evolutionist – reality is explained by “an infinite chain of non-primary causes”
        Theist – reality is explained by “an uncaused primary Cause of all causes”
                    (H. Morris, The Biblical Basis for Modern Science, 36)

        Evolutionist – chance or randomness produced order; chaos produced cosmos
        Theist – order and complexity of the cosmos come from the infinite God

        Evolutionist – uniformity of natural causes in a closed system; no miracles
        Theist – an open system with Supernatural intervention; possibility of miracles

        Evolutionist – cosmos exists because of chance, with no purpose or plan
        Theist – cosmos exists because of God’s purpose and serves His plan

        Evolutionist – universe began with a burst of light, the Big Bang
        Theist – universe began in darkness, brought into existence by God

        Evolutionist – initially the earth’s surface was a molten mass
        Theist – initially the earth’s surface was a semi-liquid, semi-solid mixture

        Evolutionist – posits billions of years for the current state of reality
        Theist – posits a young earth, with God accomplishing His work in six days

        Evolutionist – natural processes plus time produced the present order
        Theist – Supernatural act of creation produced the present order

        Evolutionist – the present is the key to the past
        Theist – the present is not the key to the past

        Evolutionist – stars and sun formed before the earth appeared
        Theist – earth was created before the sun, moon, and stars appeared

        Evolutionist – sun was before plant life
        Theist – plant life was before the sun

        Evolutionist – first life was in the water, microscopic
        Theist – first life was on the land—plants

        Evolutionist – all life evolved from common ancestor
        Theist – all life was created to reproduce after its kind

        Evolutionist – insects appeared before reptiles, birds, and mammals
        Theist – insects appeared after fish and birds; simultaneously with man

        Evolutionist – fish appeared before plant life
        Theist – plant life appeared before fish, birds, and animals

        Evolutionist – similarities of creatures require common source
        Theist – similarities of creatures suggest a common Designer

        Evolutionist – requires spontaneous generation of life; life from non-life
        Theist – God created life; life from Life

        Evolutionist – first life was microscopic, single cell
        Theist – first life comprised plants, birds, fish, and animals; created fully functioning

        Evolutionist – fish appeared, then land animals, birds developed from reptiles
        Theist – fish and birds appeared simultaneously; animals the next day

        Evolutionist – man evolved from lower life forms, a process
        Theist – man was made from dirt, an act

        Evolutionist – man slowly developed into his present form; a progression
        Theist – instantly man was created in his present form; a deed

        Evolutionist – man and woman evolved together
        Theist – man appeared first, and woman came from man

        Evolutionist – intelligence evolved from non-intelligent matter, mind from matter
        Theist – intelligence came from Intelligence, mind from Mind, man from God

        Evolutionist – man slowly developed his reasoning and speaking abilities
        Theist – man was created fully functioning in mind and speech

        Evolutionist – man is descended from the animals and is like them
        Theist – man is distinct from the animals, being made in the image of God

        Evolutionist – the survival of the species meant death before man appeared
        Theist – there was no death until after the first man sinned

        Evolutionist – man is simply matter evolved into a complex form; no real value
        Theist – man has value because he is the mirror of God, created in God’s image

        Evolutionist – creation is a theory that cannot be proven in a laboratory
        Theist – creation is a truth that cannot be disproven in a laboratory

        Evolutionist – evolution destroys the need for worship
        Theist – creation establishes the need for worship

        Evolutionist – death is the end
        Theist – death is the door into God’s eternity


“Thus, to the consistent evolutionist, self-existent and self-organizing matter, operating by random natural processes over eternal eons of time, has replaced God as ultimate reality” (H. Morris, The Biblical Basis for Modern Science, 153).

“The Bible describes a Universe created by God, maintained by him, and intimately and constantly directed by him, while science describes a Universe in which it is not necessary to postulate the existence of God at all” (Isaac Asimov, In the Beginning, 13).

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