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When we engage in dialogue with evil we are very likely to give an incorrect impression of the truth (Edward J Young, Genesis 3).

There is a danger that today those who name the Name of Christ will be willing to meet error as though it were upon a par with the truth. As Christians we should ever be ready and prepared to give a reason for the hope that is within us, but we should never consider our Christian faith as only one of so many choices or options (Edward J Young, Genesis 3).

Can particulars of a world-view be defended without first defending the world-view itself (Ravi Zacharias, Jesus Among Other Gods)?

In the first garden, god spoke, and humanity denied that He had. Humanism was born, and man became the source of meaning (Ravi Zacharias, Jesus Among Other Gods).

It is not pain that has driven the West into emptiness; it has been the drowning of meaning in the oceans of our pleasures (Ravi Zacharias, Jesus Among Other Gods).

Wealth must be processed through a philosophy of life that is greater than wealth itself (Ravi Zacharias, Jesus Among Other Gods).

The denial of an objective moral law, based on the compulsion to deny the existence of God, results ultimately in the denial of evil itself (Ravi Zacharias, Jesus Among Other Gods).

If morality is nothing more than evolution's climb, there is no way to measure when we have reached the top (Ravi Zacharias, Jesus Among Other Gods).

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