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Within man is an infinite thirst, a sense of the transcendence, an awareness of the eternal. The infinite thirst is a thirst for the Infinite. To look within oneself is to behold emptiness, a consciousness of sin and the need of forgiveness, a knowledge of ignorance and the necessity of wisdom, and a pressing of one’s humanness, which reinforces the desire for the supernatural. Without understanding the fullness of the dryness, man has a thirst for the one and only true God, the God of the Bible. Each individual yearns for that which he cannot discern.

Within each sinner there is a compass that is seeking to relate itself to a Fixed Point. Within the mind there is no finality, only searching. The individual is looking but cannot see, therefore, he cannot find. Frustrating is the search, especially when one has no confidence in the search, because previous searches have proven unproductive.

Within every person is a sense of thirst, of emptiness, of lack; there is the nagging suspicion that all is not right, that something is wrong, that a transformation is needed. In the human heart there is the surfacing suspicion that the person I am is not the person I should be or can be—I know that I am beset by a stark and profound dilemma. But in reflection, the answer is illusive and no enlightenment is forth coming. And the thirst continues.

Without there is the Incomprehensible who is searching; there is the Infinite who not only knows me but knows all about me. My answer, as well as the answer for every individual, resides in the One who will find the individual and cause the individual to see Him. My thoughts must be lifted above my searching; the solution is not within but without.

The thirst is a desire for meaning, meaning and explanation for all that is. What is the reason for existence? Why is there something rather than nothing? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Is there a purpose? Or does chance govern? What is my destiny? Is there a destiny? Spoken or unspoken, understood or not understood, these questions reveal a thirst for the Supernatural. A nagging thought that invades the mind—an indication of Grace—and is hidden deep within the psychic and that reveals itself occasionally is that the answer to these questions does not reside within, and the answer cannot be discovered by the questioner. The answers, if there are answers, must come from without. That is, they must be by Revelation not by reason.

Rational thought and logical processes will not satisfy, for it is not a something that is lacking in the life but a Someone. Salvation is not something we get, but Someone we trust. The heart does not need a creed but a Christ. The wisdom of this world cannot teach the Truth of God; only the Spirit of God knows the things of God and only He can communicate those things to man. And those things constitute the water of life.

Once God invades the life, or embraces the life with His Truth, then insight is obtained, understanding flows; the water from the Infinite begins to satisfy the infinite thirst. Without Grace there is no true comprehension of any aspect of reality. From the perspective of God things begin, very slowly, to make sense as He imparts Himself. The believer begins to understand and to contemplate the fact that in God we live, and move, and have our being. Only God can satisfy the infinite thirst.

The infinite thirst is a thirst for the Infinite!

You made us for Yourself,
and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

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