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The necessity of salvation resides in the condition of man; because of personal sin salvation is required. But it is not the condition of man at the point of his creation, rather, it is the condition of man as a result of the Fall subsequent to his creation (see: Man's Disobedience). God did not create man with a moral deficiency that required salvation; man was created “good” and was without blemish until his rebellion against God introduced evil into the individual life and into the larger world. Salvation is a necessity because sin is a reality.

To understand what it means to be saved, one must know what it means to be lost, for it is the nature of sin that provides definition for the character of redemption. Salvation is what it is because sin is what it is. Sin is against God, therefore, salvation must be in terms of God. In fact, all matters related to man are ultimately Theological.

In terms of man sin originates with the deed of Adam, a tragic act which is recounted in Genesis 3; while Eve was deceived, Adam clearly understood the command of God and yet deliberately pursed his disastrous course of self-assertion and disobedience. Both Adam and his descendants are paying the price for his turn away from God. Salvation is man’s necessity, as well as his only hope.

Consideration will be given to the following topics:

        Legacy of Adam

        Sin and Sins

        Law: Exposing the Sinner

        Prophets: Predicting Salvation

        Being Lost

        Infinite Thirst

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