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SALVATION     (Soteriology)


The Christian Faith affirms that salvation is God’s work for man, a work that saves man from the penalty, power, and presence of sin. Theologically speaking this is the topic of Soteriology, the doctrine of salvation. And this salvation is the message of the Truth, that is, it is the proclamation of the Church.

Salvation is a comprehensive theme uniting all of the Scriptures. Initially, salvation is revealed in Eden in the Protoevangelium, glimpsed in the call of Abraham, witnessed in God’s deliverance of the emerging nation from Egypt, anchored in the promise to David regarding his Descendant, confirmed in the predictions of the prophets, and personified finally and fully in the appearance of the Christ.

God’s work for man is Christ’s work for man, thus salvation is synonymous with the Person and Work of Christ—Christ is the believer’s salvation. This teaches us that the basis for Soteriology is Christology; without a valid Christology there can be no Soteriology.

The topics of Soteriology are sometimes viewed as the blessings of redemption, and are grouped together under the broad heading of the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, or the heading of Pneumatology. From this perspective all of Theology can be presented as Trinitarian, with three divisions: Theology (the Father), Christology (the Son), and Pneumatology (the Holy Spirit). In contrast, this website chooses to have eight main divisions, with Soteriology being number six; therefore, salvation is given prominence as the Message of the Truth.

The angel spoke to Joseph with reference to the child that Mary was carrying: “You shall call His name Jesus for He will save His people from their sins” (Matt. 1:21). Etymologically, the name “Jesus” means “salvation is of the Lord,” “Yahweh saves,” or “Yahweh is salvation.” This is the message of Truth.

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