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By Sovereignty in Salvation is meant God's work in salvation, for salvation is His work. Salvation is totally of God, with no credit afforded man. In all things God is Sovereign (see: God is Sovereign), and this is exceedingly lucid in the work of salvation. Devoid of God’s determination to save, His plan for saving, and His accomplishment and application of the plan he determined, man would remain ignorant, spiritually incapable, bound in slavery to sin, and facing God's eternal judgment.

Related to God’s Sovereignty in salvation are the believer’s assurance and the resulting comfort or peace that accompany that assurance. To know that salvation is all of God is to know that, not only the saving, but also the keeping is His work; that it is well with my soul is the overwhelming conviction of the believer. And this conviction creates an abiding comfort or inward peace that the world cannot give and cannot take away. Within the hand of the Son and the Father the believer is secure.

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        Meaning of the Words

        Trinity in Salvation

        A Process

        Ordo Salutis

        God's Election

        The Order of Decrees

        Because of Grace

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