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Sin cannot be separated from Lucifer’s act in heaven and Adam’s act on earth. In these two actions is the origin, both cosmically and terrestrially, of the curse we call sin, with all of its accompanying misery and suffering. Initially with Lucifer and secondarily with Adam, sin is given existence both in heaven and on the earth.

In order to maintain the proper sequence of events, attention will be given to the creation of Lucifer and his open rebellion against his Creator before consideration is given to the act of Adam in Eden.

From a place of prominence Lucifer was cast down by the One who had created him with such beauty and authority. By his action Lucifer rejected the position specified for him by God—he desired more, thereby portending the fact that all sin is really an egotistical emphasis on self at the expense of God. Within Lucifer is the origination of sin.

Consideration will be give to the following topics:

        Creation of Lucifer

        Sin in Heaven

        Fall from Heaven

        Activity in Eden

        Ruler of this World

        Satan: The Accuser

        Satan's Destiny

        Titles and Designations


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