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            *God is holy, holy, holy

            *Sin is inconsistent with the character of God

            *God is not the author of sin

            *Sin did not arise from within God

            *Sin’s existence is consistent with God’s eternal will, or else it would not be

            *The finite (man) cannot fathom the reason the Infinite (God) allows/ordains sin

            *All of creation was created good; sin came after God’s work of creation

            *Sin initially arose within Lucifer/Satan and through him to the first couple

            *Sin is alien to creation, an interloper; it is not natural

            *The problem with creation is the problem of sin; it is the explanation for evil

            *The appearance of sin brought a curse upon all of creation

            *The appearance of sin brought the initial reference to God’s redemption

            *Because of man’s sinful state, he cannot save himself; he must have grace

            *Sin is the rejection of God and the enthronement of man

            *Sin is universal, affecting every person and everything

            *Sin is both a condition and a conduct; evil men commit evil deeds

            *Sin is real, not an illusion nor a mere concept, but a violation of Law

            *Sin is simple and complex; it is immediate and continuous

            *Sin results in death and depravity for every individual

            *Man is a slave to sin; man can only sin

            *Man is responsible for his sin

            *Man will be judged for his sin

            *Sin is deserving of punishment

            *Because of sin man is:

                            Separated from God (moral/spiritual problem)
                            Separated from man (social problems)
                            Separated from himself (psychological problems)
                            Separated from creation (environmental problems)

            *Christianity proclaims God’s salvation from the curse of sin

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