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As long as man has been on the earth and has reflected on his personal existence and the existence of the world around him, he has been faced with the problem of evil. Both the religionist and the secularist have grappled with this issue, and both have produced voluminous writings but the dilemma remains. No consensus has been achieved.

The problem is particularly thorny for the believer who must approach the problem in terms of God; therefore, the problem of evil involves the nagging question about God, about the type of God He really is.

Can the orthodox God of classical Christianity be reconciled with the existence of unimaginable evil? This is the problem of evil.

Consideration will be give to the following topics:

        The Problem Stated

        The Source of Evil

        The Illusive Answer

        Views of Man's Will

        End and Means

        The Significance of Goodness

        Caveats of Sovereignty


        The God of the Bible

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