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MAN     (Anthropology)


The question of the psalmist, “What is man” (Ps. 8:4), is the question of theology, philosophy, biology, sociology, and anthropology. Not only is it the question of these disciplines, but ordinary people wonder about what it means to be human. Periodically, the average person will ask himself, “Who am I?” or “What am I?”

The answer of the psalmist is characterized by complimentary thoughts. On the one hand, the psalmist says that man is made “a little lower than the angels” (literally, “lower than Elohim”); on the other hand, the writer affirms that man is “crowned with glory and honor” (Ps. 8:5). In a position just beneath God, man has an exalted prominence like God—man has “glory and honor.” What is man?

As with all questions, a valid answer is attained only from a Theistic point of view, which means a Trinitarian perspective. Only from the viewpoint of God and His Truth can man be understood, that is, in order to interpret man properly the believer must begin with God and move from God to man. Only God can explain man.

If man does not know God, he can never know himself; and if he does not know God, then his condition is tragic. For without God, man’s only reference point in the search for answers and meaning regarding himself is himself. His search for significance, therefore, is futile; for to begin with man is to end with man.

Man must know God and begin all research and reflection with the revealing God of the Christian Scriptures. The study of man is the study of God—Anthropology must be Theological.

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